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Great Screen Protectors

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Choosing the Right iPhone Screen Protector


There are a lot of different kinds of screen protectors, and they all come with different benefits. Some screen protectors offer you a better chance of privacy when in public. You can only see what is on the screen when you are directly facing it with a privacy screen protectors. This means that anyone sitting beside you cannot see what is on your screen.


A ScreenGuardz also improves how your phone looks. Reflective screen protectors act as a mirror for you to use when your phone is off but becomes transparent when it is turned on. This can be very helpful if you need to check your hair after a walk in the wind or your teeth after eating a meal. There are also screen protectors to help with glares. The light that is normally reflected off your screen is broken up with an anti-glare screen protector. Not having to squint against the light to use your phone will strain your eyes less. This makes using your phone outside much easier.


The most widely used screen protectors are ultra-clear screen protectors. You don't even notice they are there because they are designed to be so thin. You can use your phone quickly because your fingers are prevented from sticking to the surface of the screen. People who spend a lot of time running their fingers over the screen of their phone prefer this screen protector. Anti-reflective screen protectors help to prevent UV damage caused by using your phone outside. You won't damage your eyes with screen protector because it keeps the light from reflecting off your phone. Your eyes won't be strained by this light, so they will feel better.


If you are tired of getting so many fingerprints on your phone, then you should consider a screen protector to help with that. These anti-fingerprint screen protectors repel the oils in your skin so any fingerprints that are left behind are almost invisible. This helps you to keep your phone looking clean and new for much longer. It also makes it much easier to clean your phone when it does get a little dirty. Dirt-repellent luster screen protectors also prevent any other kinds of dirt from clinging to your phone's screen. You also don't have to replace your phone when it gets dirty, you can just replace the screen protector with iphone 5s screen protector.


Antibacterial screen protectors are good for people who work in an environment where sickness is passed around a lot. These have a coating on them that keeps bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing. It also kills over 99% of germs to keep you from catching illnesses that are around you. When you are trying to decide on a screen protector, you should consider what needs are most important to you. To learn more on how to choose the right iPhone screen protector, you can check out the post at